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Old town of Rhodes or the medieval city

Welcome to the Old town of Rhodes. As you enter the Old city of Rhodes you are transported back to the historical times. The whole town is preserved from the past and it feels like walking in the past as you move around here. A trip to Rhodes surely is something you can’t afford to miss.

The first thing that will strike you about the Old Rhodes town is its impressive and marvelous defensive wall. It encloses the city and is an ancient medieval marvel of military architecture. This military wall encloses the city’s other architectural treasures which are a mixture of Byzantine monuments, Greek ruins, Ottoman bazaars and medieval architecture. The medieval wall has seven different gates. These are the gates of:

1. Naval Station
2. The port
3. Agios Ioannis
4. Apostle Paul
5. Agia Ekaterini
6. Amboise
7. Agios Athanassios

The old or medieval city is a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site for being the oldest preserved city. Making this another wonderful place you can experience in your trip to Rhodes.

The medieval city of Rhodes was built in the 14th century and has been carefully preserved since then. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum or the Museum of Modern Greek Art to get closer look at some of the historical artifacts. A visit to Old Rhodes town is always worth a visit and even if you are staying in the New town you should definitely spend a day here and experience it.

If you are visiting the old city of Rhodes then there are a lot of places you can visit.
• Pili Elefterias
• Simis square
• Panagia tou Kastrou
• The clock tower
• The Palace of The Grand Masters
• The Minaret of the old city &The Great Hamam
• Byzantine Museum
• Ippokratous square
• The Archaeological Museum
• The Famous street of Knights (Ippoton street)
• Mosque of Suleiman

Old Rhodes town is a place that gives you much more than a typical vacation. It gives you a mix of comfort of the hotels, beauty of the surrounding beaches, history of the place, enigma of the architecture and much more. Also there are lots of places where you can shop at and a lot of restaurants that will offer you all kinds of flavors.

A trip to Rhodes is surly a wise decision as on every part of Rhodes island you find places that captivate you and leave a lasting impression on you. So book your tickets and come to the historical Rhodes.

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